Electronic Document Management

As a part of GSA Ltd, we offer the Cyclops Document Management System. A Feature Rich Document Management solution which is easy to use and available in Web and Windows formats providing the ability to Scan paper documents, create and store Template Letters and Reports, store Emails and Attachments and add electronic Files such as photos and Microsoft Office files. All Documents and files are viewed from a clear viewing screen which includes extensive image handling features for full document management including search & retrieve, comprehensive facilities for collation, email, print, export, redaction and full visible Version History & Audit Trails.

All electronic File formats can be saved in Cyclops including tif, jpg, bmp, gif, pdf, sound or video, Microsoft Office Documents such as Word, Emails, all Email Attachments, CAD Drawings, or Text files. All variety of Paper Documents can be scanned using a flexible range of scanning options including Multi Function Devices. The system is easy to configure with a range of indexing and classification options including recognition facilities such as Bar Code recognition.The Cyclops Viewer is PD0008 compliant for legal admissibility.

The solution enables lifecycle management of Documents including retention, archiving and deletion (MoPI Compliant for Police users) with comprehensive Document Meta Data and Free Text search facilities that enables word-searching within all scanned images and type-written document text including system Meta Data. All search results can be filtered, exported, emailed, and filter searched. As standard, system access is permission enabled down to user and document level.

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