GSA – Software solutions for law enforcement and regulatory bodies

Welcome to GSA Ltd. We provide professional software solutions for Public and Private sector organisations worldwide including HMRC, NCA, HM Government of Gibraltar and The Insolvency Service. Our products are used by almost every UK Police Force and are helping solve crimes every minute of every day.

Available as SAAS or on-site delivery

We develop highly configurable intelligence, investigations and case management solutions for police, LEA’s, regulatory bodies, and many other organisations. CycFreedom is a complete Disclosure and Information Request Case Management solution. Our CycVetting software offers a perfect solution for every aspect of tracking Vetting requests. Whilst CycComms is the complete IPA (Investigatory Powers Act 2016) and AA (Automated Acquisition) compliant communications authorities management system for managing the authorisation process of requests for communications data.

Market Leaders in management of requests for telecommunications data

We manage more authorisation requests for telecommunications data than anyone else in the UK and Police Scotland. Our software has been designed and developed in partnership with serving police officers and investigators across the UK for ease of use and for a focussed, fast, flexible and efficient paper free business process providing a powerful and flexible solution enabling huge intelligence gains.

Security at our core

We are accredited to ISO27001 and operating from police approved premises. Our team offer secure document management solutions including, document scanning, intelligent data capture, archive storage and a secure shredding service.

Our Solutions