CYC Comms with Digital Forensics

CycComms plus Digital Forensics

How would you like to easily see the connections between suspects and stored communications data, not only relating to phone download data but across ALL the data in CycComms? Then enable investigators to quickly and easily make sense of the acquired data by filtering, sorting and visualising data with heat charts and link exploration tools. CycComms Digital Forensics will:

  • Give all your officers and staff access to a powerful, intuitive investigation and analysis tool at every terminal.

  • Help identify those committing crime in our communities.

  • Raise the awareness of effective data investigation and enhance the skills and capability of your entire workforce.

  • Combine data at the push of a button, displaying data in an intelligent manner allowing you to quickly identify links and opportunities.

Imagine the time and cost savings such a capability will bring across your whole organization. CycComms Digital Forensics will deliver this vision for you and your teams.

Together with an Authorities workflow and Digital Forensic Case Management capability, CycComms Digital Forensics is the step up in digital capability for your whole workforce.


CycComms Digital Forensics is the one stop shop for all digital communications data. The system is made up of a CycComms Subscriber and Communications Database. Digital Forensic Examinations and RIPA Data Acquisitions are now aggregated together enabling communications data to be ingested and automatically formatted.

ProActive Intelligence

You can see the big picture of communications data at the touch of a button. Data from acquisition and device examination (Call data, SMS, MMS, contact lists, chat and social media data) shows persons of interest, cross-over subjects, numbers, links and end points. This powerful tool can be used locally, regionally and nationally to detect and disrupt criminals, and also identify vulnerable people including those missing from home and those at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation.

Forensic Examination Authority Process

The component is accessible from a single home page, and fully integrated into existing solution. It includes an intuitive submission and authorisation wizard based process already familiar to all your users. This ease of use requires no additional training for your applicants and investigators.

Case Management for your HTCU and eForensics

  • Submission of Exhibits

  • Tracking and Movements

  • Allocation of Workloads and Examinations

  • Examination Notes, Policy and Statement Production

  • Delivery and Publishing of Results Electronically

  • Full Electronic Document Management

  • Seamless integration and ingestion of data from third party extraction tools including Cellebrite UFED, Micro Systemation XRY and Radiotactics ACESO

Optimum Use of Communications Data

  • Easy to use system for applicants, investigators and analysts
  • Data filtering, pivoting and sorting options
  • Link exploration
  • View chat conversation and communication chronologically
  • Geographical mapping tool
  • Heat chart
  • Location based search via mapping
  • Free text search on all acquisition and examination results
  • Access all data from CycComms and phone downloads
  • Available on all standard networked computers

CycComms is now Available as a Cloud Based Solution Accessible Anywhere