CYC Freedom


CycFreedom – Record and Track any Disclosure or Information Requests including Subject Access, Data Protection & Freedom of Information.

The CycFreedom solution is a complete Disclosure and Information Request Management solution designed for the public sector enabling tracking from receipt to finalisation; whilst recording all key actions taken, available information and final disclosures for a range of request types which have different and moveable time deadlines.

CycFreedom is installed in many Police Forces and Councils and continually delivers optimal business processes achieving both time and cost saving benefits.

The solution can be configured to enable the management of disclosure for many different business areas, including:

  • Freedom Of Information Act
  • Feedback, Direction and Control
  • Vetting
  • Data Protection Act,
  • Environmental Information Regulations
  • Court Production Orders
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
  • Local Information Sharing Agreement & Protocol Requests
  • Insurance (ACPO/ABI)

Time saving and efficient

  • Track all Request Types - One Solution, Many Business Areas
  • Manage internal activities and checking processes
  • National Data Return generation
  • Full Redaction and Sanitisation tools
  • Complete and integrated Cyclops document management

Template Documents

A range of template documents for standard letters and reports are available for generation with mail merge facilities. All generated documents can be edited, printed and emailed as required. Template documents coupled with the other facilities of this system can contribute to achieving the security and efficiency benefits of a paperless office. Full version control enables the recording of all changes.

Request Life Cycle

The solution enables all Access to Information Requests to be managed through their lifecycle from receipt through to completion and beyond into the archive/ retention/ destruction period.

Comprehensive functionality supports efficient Request total management together with other integrated and associated functions including full Document Management, Nominal Management, Exemptions, Categorisations management and Tasking.

The system provides functionality to manage related and linked Records and functionality to cater for Requests which result in Appeals, Tribunals or Court. The solution enables all related information and key actions to be recorded, all related documents, files and emails to be retained and all disclosures recorded.

Redaction and Sanitisation Options

The system includes a comprehensive range of Redaction, Marking and Sanitisation options which can be saved permanently or temporarily. A range of redaction options provide full disclosure facilities. Marking options such as Stamps and Notes provide annotation options and for all stored documents a complete visual Version History with Version Control exists.

Effective Data and Document Search Facilities

Powerful search facilities provide the ability to find Information Records and Documents quickly and effectively. These comprehensive search features include an effective combination of Meta Data searching (for Records and Documents) and Free Text searching enabling word-searching within all Record data and scanned images with type-written text. Complex Query searches can be set up and saved for all fields. All results can be filtered, exported, emailed, and document-filter searches include highlighting of results. The solution manages/creates all statistical/data returns including National Data Returns.

Security & Auditing

All systems in the CYCLOPS Business Solutions range include the built in assurances required of systems containing sensitive data and documents, with secure record & document environments, permission enabled access rights, individual document security, comprehensive audit trails, a complete visual Version History, documented Version Control and compliance with PD 0008 legal admissibility.

GSA offers a range of security options to suit every requirement and a flexible range of options enabling Integration, Data Sharing, Data Capture and Mobility options.

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